Saving The Environment


By utilizing and providing your coupons and special offers electronically you are helping to save the environment.

Just think of all the trees, water, oil, and energy that will not be wasted by making paper, ink, printing, delivering, and disposal of printed items.

It has been stated that each person uses a total of 7 trees per year.  While that may seem like a low number just imagine if you had to cut down those trees each year from your yard.  If you are a family of 4 that means you would need 28 mature trees in your yard each year just to for you family alone. has gone green, and we want you to be part of helping us preserve the environment for our children and other future generations.

Below are a couple of links that we have found talking about “Going Green” and how by doing some very simple things we can further help save the environment.

As we said is “Going Green” why not do your part and sign up today.