How It Works

Working with is very simple and straightforward.

In fact you could say it is as easy as 1-2-3

  1. First you register for an account with us and setup your profile.

  1. Once your profile is setup, you upload/input your marketing list.  

All we ask for is very basic information.  Their email address, cell phone number, and name (for offering personalized promotions). 

  1. After that you simply select from our standard list of online coupons, type in your offering and click send.

Thatís it!  Your promotions and special offers are ready to go. 

One of our marketing representatives will take a quick peek to make sure nothing has been left out and then release it for delivery.  Not only will we send it to your marketing list, we will also send it to all of our members who have asked to receive offers from you.

Of course you can always select to send offers and special promotions to those special customers that you wish to say thank you to.

When a customer wishes to redeem your offer all they have to do is show it to you on their cell phone with the promotional code. 

Is that simple or what?


Special Note:

Your marketing list is never shared with anyone else.  We do not sell, trade, or give away your information or our membersí information.